Amsterdam Court Dismisses Dahir Alasow’s writ of Summons



Today the District Court of Amsterdam rendered its decision in the injunctive relief proceedings initiated by Mr. Dahir Alasow against Somalia’s Minister of Information, Mr. Abdirahman Osman. Mr. Alasow had requested rectification of a radio interview broadcasted by Argos (VPRO) in which Mr. Alasow was accused of extortionist practices.

In the same interview Mr. Osman had been quoted as a source. The court dismissed Alasow’s claims entirely. With regard to the extortionist practices the court ruled that the statements and documents presented by Mr. Osman provide sufficient support for the accusation of extortionist practices.

Mr. Osman commented: “Freedom of the press does not give journalists a carte blanche to threaten and extort individuals in the name of a good story. I applaud the Dutch court for recognizing that I may address Mr. Alasow’s extortionist practices in light of the evidence against him. “

Mr Osman’s lawyer, Olaf Trojan: “The court considers that extortionist practices of Somali journalists are a well-known problem, and that Mr. Osman should be allowed to address such serious offences. Also in the case of Mr Alasow.”

For further information please contact Mr. Osman’s lawyer, Olaf Trojan, Bird & Bird, 070 353 88 00 / 06 53 13 84 63. 


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